Hey Folks!

Girl, if I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet I probably wouldn’t because it would get really confusing really quickly.

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Naw baby you got it all wrong I’m a sensitive guy now let me motorboat that heart of yours.

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Pranking my dogs. Happy April Fools Day!

Beard is an anagram for “Be Rad”

I don’t know how to turn that information into a joke.

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I’m going to name my bed Compton so every morning I’m straight outta Compton. 

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I think it’s adorable when one hit wonders have greatest hits albums.

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How do you make experimental music?

Avant garde a clue

How do you make experimental music?

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Okay so Touche Amore and mewithoutYou played like an hour away from me tonight and I had no idea and I’ve just been sitting here looking at my wall listening to Ten Stories imagining what could have been.


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