Hey Folks!
Forrest: "That guy's coming right at me with a knife! What do I do!?"
Jenny: "Gun, Forrest, gun!"
Forrest: "I feel so happy playing in this field. What's this feeling called?"
Jenny: "Fun, Forrest, fun!"
Forrest: "Who's the funny lady dressed like a penguin?"
Jenny: "Nun, Forrest, nun!"
Forrest: "Ouch! What's that bright thing up there blinding me?"
Jenny: "Sun, Forrest, sun!"
Forrest: "That's a lot of bricks. How much do you suppose it weighs?"
Jenny: "Ton, Forrest, ton!"
Forrest: "Attila the what?"
Jenny: "Hun, Forrest, hun!"
Forrest: "Where do I put my hamburger?"
Jenny: "Bun, Forrest, bun!"
Forrest: "That joke was terrible. What did you say it was?"
Jenny: "Pun, Forrest, pun!"

You guys what if they’re called hot dogs because you cook them by making them hot. 

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Girl, if I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet I probably wouldn’t because it would get really confusing really quickly.

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Naw baby you got it all wrong I’m a sensitive guy now let me motorboat that heart of yours.

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Pranking my dogs. Happy April Fools Day!

Beard is an anagram for “Be Rad”

I don’t know how to turn that information into a joke.

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I’m going to name my bed Compton so every morning I’m straight outta Compton. 

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I think it’s adorable when one hit wonders have greatest hits albums.

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